Garden Party for 2 Please!

Garden Party for 2 Please!

About a month or two ago during our live sale in The Coco Club, one of our customer's mentioned a Garden Party theme collection and I haven't stopped thinking about it.  It makes me want to do several edits to this Garden Party theme. 

This edit has a sort of Parisian-vibe to it, with its marinière inspired stripes, delicate florals in hues taken from lavender de Provence, and extra frills and ruffles that adorn this weeks blouses and dresses.  We're in love with all these faint watercolor prints.  

In the spirt of all this tea-time Garden Party fanciness, I'd like to leave you with a recipe that is insanely delicious! 

Feta & figues rôties (Feta & roasted figs)

 (click for recipe)



Sources:  Fam Flower Farm , English Garden , Carrie Bradshaw

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