Jade Collection Week

Jade Collection Week

Okay now, it's no secret that Liv's favorite color is green, but it is also so many of our customers favorite too!  We adore green in every shade, which is why we're calling it Jade week!  We have pieces in Kelly, Sage, Forest, Hunter, Teal green and so much more!


The following are items that we like to call Coco Items, or our anchor items.  Like an anchor, these will help keep you grounded in the season.  When the season is up,  you pull up your anchor and move on to the next!  These items will help build your wardrobe and make it easy for you to transition into seasons and into your closet. We think it's important to always have these anchors in circulation throughout the season:

Don't forget ladies, these wonderful Jade inspired pieces will be available in-store and online tomorrow at 9am HST!

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