Denim Collection Week

Denim Collection Week

Denim and denim hues - nothing speaks to us more than denim and white! This week not just the fabric inspires us, but also the many different washes and hues that denim is finished in. It's a little warm for us to drop an entire denim collection, but you'll find that we sprinkled in denim inspired colors into this collection along with whites/creams.  Nothing brings out denim and blue more than a beautiful white top!

You will find the Merle Hat and Zeo Sandals are available now, however the other pieces will be available in-store and online this Friday at 9am HST.


The following are items that we like to call Coco Items, or our anchor items.  Like an anchor, these will help keep you grounded in the season.  When the season is up,  you pull up your anchor and move on to the next!  These items will help build your wardrobe and make it easy for you to transition into seasons and into your closet. We think it's important to always have these anchors in circulation throughout the season:



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